Terms and Conditions

_Notice to agents, is Notice to principals. Notice to principals, is Notice to agents.__ _To all private and public servants, including but not limited to Federal, State, or Local corporate government(s), agencies, offices, agents or officers: I accept your oath of office as your firm and binding contract between you and Me, whereby you have bound yourself within a structure of limited liability to abide by and remain within the bounds of your codes, statutes, ordinances, constitutions and restrictions, acting in the capacity as a public servant and administrative trustee. Any deviation outside of such boundaries with respect to the Living Man identified herein will be documented under continuing administrative discovery and investigated for possible breaches of trust and acts of war against a recognized neutral, non-belligerent in the private sector, and will not be protected under any bond of limited liability; you can and will be held accountable for any breach or acts of commission oromission.__ _Any/all political, private, or public entities, International,Federal, State, or Local corporate government(s), private International Organization(s), Municipality(ies), Corporate agent(s), informant(s), investigator(s) or derivatives thereof, et al., and/or third party(ies) working in collusion by monitoring My (this email) email(s), and any other means of communication without My express written permission are barred from any review, use, disclosure, or distribution. You are hereby Noticed, under seal with explicit reservation of all My rights, non-waiver of status and standing, without prejudice and without recourse to any of My rights. Any omission does not constitute a waiver of any and/or allintellectual property rights or reserved rights.__

Grantor of Dominion; GENESIS 1:26